Denese Oates


28 Jul 2018 – 16 Sep 2018 | 9.00am – 4.30am

Copper features artists and designers who have explored the possibilities of this ductile metal in their creative practice, either in the development process or as the primary medium of their work. Diverse techniques in the areas of printmaking, jewellery, sculpture, ceramics, painting, glass work and sound manipulation emphasise the malleability of this pliable metal.

This exhibition shows how copper can be transformed through new technologies and traditional crafts, making it perfectly suitable for Casula Powerhouse’s Switch Gallery.

Artists: Merran Esson, David Fairbairn, David Langosch, Jimmy Lim, Annie McKinnon, Denese Oates, Shireen Taweel, Natasha Walsh, Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong, and with the support of Settlement Services International (SSI) Sameer Dakhil, Bassam Jabar , Jalal Khassaf

Twine and Cusco, copper



5 Sep 2018-30 Sep 2018

Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

A Willoughby City Council curated group exhibition exploring contemporary surrealism and fantasy


Opening Event: Thursday 6 September, 6pm – 8pm

Flame Seed is an exhibition that reimagines the old furnace door of the Incinerator Art Space as a portal to ‘other worlds’. It presents a group of artists whose artwork explores fantasy, futuristic spaces and surreal ideas and actions. The Incinerator’s furnace door once opened onto a combustion furnace, but now sits immobilised on a gallery wall. In this exhibition the door is fancifully conceived in an ‘Alice down the rabbit hole’ or ‘Narnia through the wardrobe’ capacity, suggesting worlds that could potentially exist upon opening. Offering a survey of contemporary approaches to surrealism and fantasy, the exhibition presents hybrid beings, poetic imaginings and farfetched places.


Artists: Tara Marynowsky, Adam Norton, Denese Oates, Louis Pratt, Samuel Quinteros, Kate Rohde, Linda Seiffert and Agus Wijaya.


Nest of Ideas, copper, book